Auditorium Chairs Series

Our main function as a market leader is to provide quality Auditorium, Lecture Hall & Multiplexes Seating System. In addition to varying seat widths, back pitch, shape, and color. Preferred arrangement can provide you with assistance on the design, layout, and installation This is a great way to complete chair design solution for your world class quality facility and aesthetics value is our trademark. This kind of multipurpose seating can also benefit schools, universities, churches, that need flexibility in classrooms, lecture halls, sanctuaries, lobbies, and conference rooms.

Safety & Comfort

• Serpentine spring or Metal sheet for inner comfort support system - field reconfigurable
• Ductile iron hinges with extended length 1/8" (3mm) U-Channel hinge supports
• Quad-Bearing permanently lubricated hinge alignment systems with dual lift springs
• Seat Lift System: 3/4-Fold "Space Saver" or 5/8- Fold "Easy Sit" Systems with Push to Full Fold for easy row passage - field reconfigurable.

Support Systems

• Welded Steel & Ductile Iron Standards
• Floor Mount & Riser Mount Standards
• Beam Mount Systems

Style & Continuity in your Venue

• Low & High Back Chairs - Styling Continuity
• Plush & Value-Minded Club and Suite Seating Solutions
• Durable & Comfortable General Seating
• Fixed and Telescopic Seating Solutions

Fabric & Finishes

Fire Retardant Fabric are available with an endless variety of fabric options. Choose the fabric color and texture that best matches your existing chair decor. If desired, we will match your fabric of choice.


It is widely used in environment has high sound absorption requirement, such as: Multiplexes, Auditorium, Lecture Hall, Home Theatre ,Gymnasium, Library, School, Hospital, Office building, Shopping centre, IT Sector, Airports, Hotels, Recording Studio, Courts, Conference Hall, Educational, Lecturer Hall, Offices, BPO's etc.