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Earcons Chairs began to serve the needs of the Multiplex Chairs, Auditorium Chairs, & Home Theater Chairs around Middle East country. Over the course of our pioneering history, with nearly 20 years experience we have evolved into the world's largest provider of Multiplex Chairs, Auditorium Chairs, & Home Theater Chairs.

Our excellent reputation has been built on our commitment to design and manufacture top quality products to make the world a quieter place. We recognize that understanding our clients' requirements and goals is the key to our success. With that in mind, we look forward to doing business with you – wherever you are in the world. Read More..

Project Executed     1. President House 3d Hall, Delhi       2. JNU Seminar Hall, Delhi       3. Ismeet Singh Musical Academy, Ludiyana,       4. SRS Corporate Theater, Faridabad       5. St. Wilferid College, Mumbai       6.JVB Auditorium, Jaipur       7. JCB Auditorium, Pune       8. Awadh Educatonal Trust Auditorium, Delhi       9.Land Craft Mini Theater, Ghaziabad       10. DBS College Auditorium, Hydrabad       11. Vodaphone, Banglore       12. Wave Cinemas, Rudrapur       13. Wave Cinemas, Jammu       14. Wave Cinemas, Rajnagar       15. Wave Cinemas, Haridwar       16. Amar Multiplex, Katra       17. Tata Knock Center Auditorium, Noida       18. Sanskriti College Auditorium, Jaipur       19. Sarvodya School Multipurpose Hall, Delhi       20. Sarvodaya School Multipirpose Hall, Delhi       21. Womens Hockey Stadium, Gwalior       22. Maruti R&D Center, Rahtak       23.Aastha Channel, Noida       24. Mahagun Developer Office & Conference Hall, Noida       25. Central University of Haryana, Mahengarh       26. DCP Office, T3, Delhi       27. NIT, Jalandhar       28.Allahabad University Seminar Hall, Allahabad       29. BSNL Conference Hall, Delhi       30. sai Auditorium, Delhi       31. Jaypee Corporate, Noida       32. Jaypee Medical Center, Noida       33.Sarvodya College Multipurpose Hall, Kair College       34. Maulana Azad Auditorium, Delhi.       35. Delhi Public Library, Delhi       36. Zee Studio, Jaipur       37. Vivekanand Hall Auditorium, Delhi       38. ONGC Multipurose Hall, Noida       39. Mangarh Ashram Dome, Pratapgarh       40 DBS College, Nanital

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